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We have great opportunities to actively participate in the 4th Colloquium REDICEC, to be held on Friday & Saturday, January 20th and 21st, 2017, at Université Concordia, Montreal, Canada.

The two‐day colloquium will be a forum for participants to consider how from our specific place and experiences, we participate of the de/articulation of ideas and practices to enhance further networking and coalitions to challenge and recover Chile. What forms do such practices take? What are the politics, objectives, pedagogies and techniques to achieve the recovering?


By submitting an abstract, you can participate in 3 different activities:

1) Discussion Panels: 

coloquio 2014-6Themes for presentation include but are not limited to: 

  1. Popular education and Social Change
  2. Interdisciplinarity in Science
  3. Climate change, environment and new technologies, are them compatible?
  4. Democracy, community, social contention and participation
  5. Technology and Innovation in community experiences
  6. Urban studies and conditions of being
  7. Communication and mobilization of knowledge
  8. Decentralization, regionalism and multiculturalism
  9. Post-colonial studies for shaking the domination
  10. Gender studies, feminism and body policies
  11. LGBTQ+ studies, ways of future for universal love
  12. Historical heritage, patrimony in an 8.0 Richter country
  13. Humanities, pressing against methods
  14. Basic and Applied Sciences for reclaiming our Nature
  15. Others

Carla - coloquio I redicec2) 3-minutes presentation (Elevator Pitch): Great opportunity to show your research interests in a short and effective way.

3) Posters session: Bring a poster and have the chance to share your work with researchers from all disciplines and the general public.

We welcome abstracts from a wide range of backgrounds. You can submit your abstract for participating in a 3 minutes presentation (elevator pitch format) or Posters session. Please submit a 250 word or less abstract with no more than five keywords, through the registration below.

Upon registration, you will be able to submit your abstract. The registration includes:

Register and send your abstract here:

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Selection Criteria for panels:

* REDICEC reserves the right to select speakers for discussion panels according to the selection criteria described here: http://coloquio.redicec.com/abstract-submission/guia-paneles/

** Abstracts not eligible for a presentation in a discussion panel will be invited to present on a 3 -minutes (elevator pitch) or a Poster, depending on the researcher’s first preference. We appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund up until 5 days prior to the colloquium, except eventbrite fees. Please contact contact@redicec.com for refunds.